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    Consultoria Acústica ao Projeto do Novo Pavilhão Multiusos de Luanda
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Acoustic Refurbishment


– Have you bought a terraced or semi-detached house and can hear your neighbours?

– Do you have a commercial space that you need to acoustically insulate?

– Do you wish to improve the acoustic quality of your listening room / home-cinema?




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Did you know that a recent on a study by DECO inspected 27 new built house and more than half were poorly insulated against noise, being frequent issues such as neighbour footsteps, objects falling, pulling chairs, opening and closing of doors and armoire drawers…?

Upgrading the sound insulation of the building is fundamental whenever you feel discomfort due to noise and vibration sources. We know that this type of problems can be a nuisance and we can help you to rehabilitate the building in a professional manner. Solutions for most cases are not simple and should be analysed and studied by specialists with experience in the resolution of this type of issues.

Generally it is the performance of the building elements that is maladjusted in regards to the intensity or type of noise of the existing noise source or sources. For this type of situations we recommend a phased acoustic rehabilitation of the building based on the following stages:

– Inspection / Diagnosis

– Building Acoustics Rehabilitation Project

– Building Acoustics Refurbishment Works

Site inspection are carried out by our engineers, whose specialization and experience enables for the identification of the building elements with sound insulation issues or the pathologies that are undermining the expected performance in most cases . The site inspection further allows, where necessary, for the preparation of an acoustic test schedule the results of which are fundamental for the diagnosis of the problem in hand as well as to provide technical data relevant for the acoustic rehabilitation project.

In most cases the issue is not just the sound transmission through the party element (wall, floor) but via all the building elements that separate the buildings that are relevant for the resolution of the problem. Only with a careful analysis of the situation allows for the critical elements to be identified and for the definition of the best acoustic refurbishment works that minimize costs and optimize the acoustic comfort.

The project is developed based on the elements gathered on site, technical data from acoustic tests and on the applicable legal requirements. Not infrequently the legal requirements are not sufficient to satisfy your expectations and therefore we usually design reinforcement solutions based on international standards or legal requirements from other countries.

The works start following the submission of the project and agreement on the options that lead to the best balance between performance and cost. As we are not a construction company it is up to you to choose a construction company that will carry out the works, for which we will provide all the necessary support. We may also supply the specific materials required to guarantee the performance of the solutions to be applied in accordance with the project specifications. However, if you so wish, we can coordinate the works and even build it through partners with experience and curriculum on the matter (see specific tab).

Did you know that bad acoustic conditions in the workplace could lead to a decrease in productivity of about 2/3?

In side spaces where large numbers of people congregate or destined to sound reproduction inadequate acoustic conditions prevents its normal use and requires for an acoustic correction.

Thus, the acoustic correction refers to the upgrade of the acoustic conditions for the sound within that space as opposed to the sound insulation that reduces the sound from spaces, including the external noise.

Did you know that many acoustic rehabilitations works do not achieve the required performance due to lack of attention to detail and inadequate workmanship during the works?

Acoustic rehabilitation works have particular characteristics that make them different from traditional building works. The detailed selection of adequate materials, the specialization of the workforce and the attention to details during execution make all the difference.

We have been involved in several rehabilitation works for which the testing results upon completion of the works validate the option made in terms of material selection, building techniques and partner selection for its implementation.

We undertake the works via a broad network of partners, whose specialization and efforts to insure that the project requirements are met has been proved by acoustic testing carried out by approved labs following completion of the works.

In certain cases we can even guarantee the performance of the selected solution, giving you the tranquillity when choosing LogAcustica to undertake the works.


LogAcustica ia a Key partner in the collaborative network Arrebita design that stands out with a solid technical strentgh, combined with a degree of rigor and professionalism that is rarely the case in Portugal.

Thei approach was guided from the beginning by designing to overlap the mere compliance with legally required acoustic standards of comfort and functionality and developing specific solutions for the effect of added value.

Its team also showed an inexhaustible availability to meet and work around an useful and effectively set of constraints and implications typical for a complex project and that is why I invoke our growing success to the partnership.

Arq. José Paixão, Coordenador do Projeto Arrebita!Porto.