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Environmental Noise


– A neighbour to your industrial property is complaining about noise and you want to know how to solve the issue?

– Do you need to demonstrate compliance of your industry regarding environmental noise?

– …




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Noise Exposure Criteria

Number 11 of the Portuguese Regulation on Noise (Decreto-Lei n.º 9/2007) defines maximum noise levels depending on the classification of the area as sensitive or mixed.

Noise Nuisance

Number 13 of the Portuguese Regulation on Noise (Decreto-Lei n.º 9/2007) establishes crieria that a permanent noise generating activity (as is the case of industries) must verify to avoid noise nuisance.

Acoustic Assessment

Undertaken in light of the current national normalization and recommendations from the Portuguese Environmental Agency (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente – APA), particularly NP ISO 1996 (composed of 2 parts) of 2011, harmonized with the International Norm ISO 1996 "Acoustics. Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise", which establishes the procedures for noise monitoring for the evaluation of environmental noise exposure and nuisance due to noise.

Following the assessment of noise levels at the site boundary or at the most affected noise sensitive receivers, in case of non-compliance we will prepare an acoustic rehabilitation project, where all the technical solution to install will be design, specified and detailed. The design of the technical solution required for the compliance of legal requirements will be based on the following reference normalization:

– EN 12354-1, regarding airborne sound insulation between rooms

– EN 12354-2, regarding impact sound insulation between rooms

– EN 12354-3, regarding airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound

– EN 12354-4, regarding transmission of indoor sound to the outside

– EN 12354-5, regarding sound levels due to the service equipment

– EN 12354-6, regarding sound absorption in enclosed spaces

A meeting with the client will be scheduled following the completion of the design of the technical solutions to present/discuss the conclusions, to seek approval and proceed to the elaboration of a cost estimative for the execution of the works.

Did you know that many acoustic interventions fail to achieve the required performance due to poor craftsmanship during the construction?

Acoustic construction works have unique characteristics that render them different from traditional construction works. The careful selection of materials, the use of specialized personnel and the attention to details during execution make all the difference.

We have now been involved in several acoustic rehabilitation works for which the measured results upon completion validate our choices in terms of material selection, building technics and in the selection of the right partners to carry out the works.

We undertake the works resorting to a large network of partners, whose specialization and carefulness to ensure compliance with the project requirements has been proved via testing upon completion of the works.

In certain cases we might even guarantee the performance of the selected solution, allowing for you to be confident…



It was a pleasure to work with LogAcustica in solving several excessive noise and vibration issues we had in our industrial site. The complete analysis carried out, including monitoring and data analysis synthesized in a report, significantly contributed for the selection of the solution that were best applicable to the problem. A young and motivated team to give the best service is what every client seeks. We found this at LogAcustica.

Eng. Ricardo Dias e Eng. Isabel Portela, Copo Têxtil Portugal