• Consultoria Acústica ao Projeto do Novo Pavilhão Multiusos de Luanda
    Consultoria Acústica ao Projeto do Novo Pavilhão Multiusos de Luanda
  •  Painéis Acústicos CORKSOUND em Aglomerado Negro de Cortiça
    Painéis Acústicos CORKSOUND em Aglomerado Negro de Cortiça.
  • Câmara anecóica do ITeCons, Coimbra
    Câmara anecóica do ITeCons, Coimbra


LogAcoustica is a key partner in the collaborative network Arrebita design that stands out with a solid technical strength, combined with a degree of rigor and professionalism that is rarely the case in Portugal.
Their approach was guided from the beginning by designing to overlap the mere compliance with legally required acoustic standards of comfort and functionality and developing specific solutions for the effect of added value.
Its team also showed an inexhaustible availability to meet and work around an useful and effectively set of constraints and implications typical for a complex project and that is why I invoke our growing success to the partnership.

Arq. José Paixão, Coordenador do Arrebita!Porto.

It was a pleasure to work with LogAcustica in solving several excessive noise and vibration issues we had in our industrial site. The complete analysis carried out, including monitoring and data analysis synthesized in a report, significantly contributed for the selection of the solution that were best applicable to the problem. A young and motivated team to give the best service is what every client seeks. We found this at LogAcustica.

Eng. Ricardo Dias e Eng. Isabel Portela, Copo Têxtil Portugal

Availability and Professionalism where the characteristics of the LogAcustica services. A supplier that keeps the partnership with the client in mind.

Eng. Conceição Rosa, Coordenadora Ambiente/Segurança na Centralcer

The commercial relationship between LogAcustica and ASL & Associados is a consolidated relationship through a synergistic partnership, both in national and international markets.Aa strong trust in the teams of both organizations is at the foundation of this relationship, which is tested and improved consecutively on the commissions that are available between the companies and their respective areas of expertise. ASL & Associados welcomes the fact that it has enjoyed services from LogAcustica that excel and for having obtained formation directed to the necessities that had been felt internaly in the building acoustics field.

Eng. António Lessa, ASL & ASSOCIADOS